Cleary Building Corp. is pleased to announce multiple financing options for our prospective


HFS – Home Improvement Loans (Click the photo below to learn more)


Light Stream Financing (click the photo below to learn more)
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tury Bank offers diverse financial solutions that will complement your Cleary

Building a Cleary Building is an exciting process and at New Century Bank we specialize in construction lending and have financing designed
specifically for Post Frame loans. Whether you’re looking for a loan to build a post frame home, shop, garage,
commercial or ag building we offer loans with competitive rates and flexible terms to meet your needs.

  • Leasing Post Frame buildings: Take advantage of potential Tax savings
  • Home Mortgages: 30 year Fixed financing for Post Frame Homes
  • Consumer garage, shop, and storage
  • New Construction line of credit and loans
  • Commercial buildings
  • Ag Real Estate


Compeer – Midwest Rural Finance Partner

  • Compeer Financial is a member-owned, Farm Credit cooperative serving and supporting agriculture and rural
    communities in the Midwest only
  • Compeer, as your Midwest Partner, stays committed to helping with the flow of funds to rural areas. One of our
    strategic imperatives at Compeer is to navigate the economic environment to optimize client outcomes. That means
    proactively working with clients to preserve what they have and plan for the future

Financing Options

  • Creative Solutions to Maximize Tax Deductibility
    • Competitive True Tax Lease Options
    • Capital lead $1 buyout options
  • Financing can include – Building, concrete, electrical, HVAC and other finish work
  • Construction financing to handle project disbursements

Lease Advantages

  • 100% Tax deductibility of qualified tax leases
  • No down payment requirement. First rental payment due when the building is completed
  • Potential estate planning benefits for the client
  • Collateral flexibility on most transactions


  • First lease payment required at construction completion for lease transactions
  • Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual payment terms customized to your cash flow
  • For agricultural use only. Borrowing eligibility set by Compeer Financial
  • Subject to credit approval and conditions as set by Compeer Financial


To learn more:
Contact your local leasing specialist for more information
Call Compeer Financial at (844) 426-6733, email them at or visit us online at 


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