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What our clients
are saying

“I would definitely recommend Cleary because of their workmanship and their pricing, which is very reasonable. I priced out different companies and Cleary was very comparable. I was more than pleased with all of the work that Cleary put into my building and the entire building process.”

Mike Straubhaar, Cleary Farm Building Owner

“Working with Cleary really was an easy process, and the warranty and finish on the building are great. We put this building up 6 years ago and we’ve had people say ‘wow, a brand new house.’ It looks great, and we never really touch it. We recommend a Cleary building to anyone we talk to. It’s such a joy to live in. We love it!”

Erik Anderson, Cleary Home Owner

“Our Cleary building has really worked out well for us. The crews were great to work with, the supervision was great on the job and we just very happy with how everything turned out. The whole building process went very smooth with Cleary, and they very easy to work with, which I think is the biggest difference that separates them from the competition.”

Ric Joranlien, Cleary Commercial Building Owner and Owner of Hawks Mill Winery