Protect Your Hay Quality

Production of baled hay uses a large amount of your resources: land, labor, seed, fuel, fertilizer and equipment. The way you store your hay after baling can have a large impact on hay quality and quantity. Hay stored unprotected will be damaged by rain, snow, wind, and ice during fall and winter. The average round bale loses around 25% of its original nutrients when stored unprotected outside. Markets that demand top quality hay will also require hay storage buildings that offer full protection from weather. Cleary offers a wide variety of options for hay storage and will design your building specific to your needs. The two primary options for hay storage are fully enclosed and “roof only” structures. Fully enclosed structures can be open at one end for ease of filling and to allow for adequate natural ventilation. Roof only structures are professionally designed by Cleary engineers to maintain their strength in all types of weather conditions.

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