What to Consider When Building

With so many parts and pieces to consider when building a new structure, all of us at Cleary Building Corp. are ready to help you find quality products that cater to your unique needs and expansion plans.

At Cleary Building Corp, we feel it’s very important to make an educated decision when you are building a new storage building or any building type for that matter. Here are a couple tips from Cleary Building Corp.

Selecting a builder is a big deal. You want to find a company that has a great reputation. Cleary makes sure you have one point of contact throughout the entire process.

Now that you are ready to build, it’s time to get the proper permits and review your building location. One of the very next steps in your building plan is getting approvals from a variety of sources.

It’s time to figure out your building use and where it’s going to go on your property.  Your building site will be a big factor in this project so it’s important to sketch out the site or take pictures for reference.

After meeting with your building specialist and getting an idea of what your needs and wants are, it’s time to start the building design process and getting the right accessories for your building.



What our clients
are saying

“I would definitely recommend Cleary because of their workmanship and their pricing, which is very reasonable. I priced out different companies and Cleary was very comparable. I was more than pleased with all of the work that Cleary put into my building and the entire building process.”

Mike Straubhaar, Cleary Farm Building Owner

“Working with Cleary really was an easy process, and the warranty and finish on the building are great. We put this building up 6 years ago and we’ve had people say ‘wow, a brand new house.’ It looks great, and we never really touch it. We recommend a Cleary building to anyone we talk to. It’s such a joy to live in. We love it!”

Erik Anderson, Cleary Home Owner

“Our Cleary building has really worked out well for us. The crews were great to work with, the supervision was great on the job and we just very happy with how everything turned out. The whole building process went very smooth with Cleary, and they very easy to work with, which I think is the biggest difference that separates them from the competition.”

Ric Joranlien, Cleary Commercial Building Owner and Owner of Hawks Mill Winery