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Building Process

When you choose to build a customized Cleary Pre-Engineered Structure (commonly called post frame, pole barns or pole buildings) you want the peace of mind that your new building will last a lifetime. By choosing Cleary, we also ensure that the process will be a stress free experience for you and your family. While every building is custom designed there are similar processes Cleary follows whether we’ re constructing an efficient business or commercial, a functional storage or suburban building, or an awe-inspiring horse barn or horse arena. Please watch our Building Process video on the right to learn more!

Safety... We Make it Our Business

Cleary Building Corp. Work Smart/Work Safe Program

Cleary Building Corp. knows that “Safety is No Accident.” We care about our employees. Our Work Smart/Work Safe Employee Safety program is designed to not only benefit our employees, but our Clients too. Learn about our Safety program.

Structural Design: Specifications and Professional Engineering

Cleary buildings are designed using some of the highest quality lumber grades available. Trusses and headers are designed in accordance with:

• TPI (Truss Plate Institute) National design standard for metal plate connected wood truss construction.
• National Design Specification (NDS) for wood construction.

Site Selection and Site Preparation Assistance:

Cleary Personnel Experience and Assistance Your Cleary Building Sales Specialist is experienced in layout and design and is equipped with a transit, tapes, and stakes. He will:

  • Making sure that you have selected the proper location for your building site
  • The building design is optimized for your site layout
  • The site has been prepared properly to avoid surprise costs during the construction process

The three most important considerations when planning a new facility are:

• The correct location
• The site prepared properly
• The right design