We make it our Business

Cleary Building Corp. knows that “Safety is No Accident.” We care about our employees. Our Work Smart/Work Safe Employee Safety program is designed to not only benefit our employees, but our Clients too.

  • Builders Risk and Full Insurance cover any Cleary Building Corp. employee involved in an accident.
  • More employee stability. Our crews expect zero injuries and carry that commitment with them 24/7 and trust that their co-workers do the same.
  • Fewer injuries lead to lower costs so that Cleary Building Corp. can continue to provide a quality product at a competitive price.

Work Smart | Work Safe

Work Smart | Work Safe - Pride = Professionalism - Safety - Quality

Cleary Building Corp. demonstrates the Value of Safety by providing proper training not available to other workers in our industry.

  • All employees are trained in and comply with OSHA and DOT regulations
  • All employees are empowered to stop work whenever they are faced with a potentially unsafe condition • We hold monthly safety meetings to discuss new safety techniques and regulations
  • Employees are recognized and rewarded for safety achievements with a safety incentive program

   “The basis behind the program is to promote a Zero
Accident Culture within our company, as our company’s
most valuable asset is our employees and our employee’s
family depends on them to return home from work in the
same condition that they left.”
-Sean Cleary, President

State of the Art Fall Protection Gear

To protect our employees, Cleary Building Corp. made an initial investment of over $1.0 million in a state of the art national fall protection safety program. This program is the most comprehensive fall protection program in the post frame construction industry and we work daily to continually improve this program and all of our other Safety programs.

To prevent falls, Cleary Building is using a combination of the Miller ® Contractor Harness and the Miller® Self-Retracting Lifeline.

The Contractor Harness is lightweight with a unique combination D-ring pad attaching to the shoulder pads that minimize discomfort and stress around the neck and shoulders during normal wear. The harness is then attached to a Self-Retracting Lifeline, which is designed not to pull or drag on a worker and to improve productivity.

With the lifeline attached to the harness and anchored to the building, a worker is protected from a ground impact in the event of a fall. Additionally, Cleary Building Corp. created a unique column anchor to ensure the worker is safe from the ground up.