Upgrade Your Dairy Operation

Whether you call it a pole building or a pole barn, Cleary’s Pre-Engineered Structures are a perfect fit for any dairy operation. You’ve probably seen our familiar trademark on livestock buildings throughout the United States but seldom will you see two that are identical! From mammoth free stall barns to elaborate dairy operations with high-end milking parlors, we design your livestock barn around your personal requirements.

Cleary’s skilled engineers understand that livestock and cattle have special housing needs that need to be considered. We also know that, for you to be the most effective, you need a cattle barn or dairy building that works the way you need it to. That’s why our engineers custom design a building for your personal management style as well as the health and safety of the animals.

Comfortable livestock are the most productive. Cleary’s ventilating options make it a “breeze” to deliver an adjustable and natural flow of air that helps manage moisture problems. Additionally, choose our Energy Miser option to transform your operation into an energy efficient building. We also provide the option for solar heating, which takes advantage of the natural, radiant heat from the sun to keep your animals comfortable in a warm, dry, and healthy environment. Using high-performance polycarbonate panels on the south facing mansard wall, they’re designed to collect and hold the heat generated by the sun’s rays.

Cleary solar heated buildings…the BEST under the sun!

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