Cleary Building Corp. was founded in 1978 to offer Clients a quality building that satisfied their needs at an affordable price. From day one, we have prided ourselves on offering the personal service our Client’s deserve. Cleary Building Corp.’s world headquarters and flagship manufacturing plant are located in Verona, Wisconsin. In 1985, Cleary Building Corp. opened its first branch office in Appleton, Wisconsin. Less than one year later, Cleary Building Corp. broke ground in Illinois, opening an office in both the northern and southern parts of the state, in Sandwich and Breese. Since then, expansion has continued at a steady pace with the company’s branches now stretching as far east as Butler, PA and as far west as Grants Pass, OR. Today, Cleary Building Corp. has locations all throughout the United States and two additional state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in Grand Island, NE (1994) and Hazelton, ID (1998) to better serve our national clients. Cleary Building Corp. has established itself as a leader in the industry and has built a strong base from which to move forward.

A Culture of Success, with a History of Excellence

  • 1978


    Tom Cleary, along with two partners, form CMZ Buildings to provide quality buildings at an affordable price.

  • 1980-1982


    Tom Cleary would eventually purchase all assets of CMZ to officially begin Cleary Building Corp.

  • 1983


    Sean Cleary, Tom’s son, joins the company in 1983. Together, Sean and Tom set the company on a rapid growth track.

  • 1985.1


    Cleary becomes DEBT-FREE in 1985. The company remains debt-free to this day.

  • 1985.2


    In 1985, Cleary Building Corp. opens its first branch office in Appleton, WI. Within two years, Cleary has expanded to a total of 9 branches across Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana.

  • 1987


    Cleary introduces “The Cleary Laminated Column”, which is treated and non-spliced from footing to eave. Extra strength is attained because the column is composed of #1 Southern Pine and is 2.4 times stronger than the Spliced Laminated Column.

  • 1993


    Cleary sets out to expand westward, opening an office to cover Colorado and Wyoming.

  • 1994


    Cleary opens a second plant in Grand Island, Nebraska in November 1994 to provide manufacturing and shipment of materials to the central part of the country.

  • 1998


    Cleary opens a third plant in Hazelton, Idaho in October 1998 to provide the same quality and service to areas of the West.

  • 1999


    Cleary has grown to 54 branch offices in 20 years.

  • 2004


    Expansion continues as Cleary opens branches as far east as Butler, Pennsylvania and as far west as Grants Pass, Oregon. At 68 offices, Cleary now has locations spanning across the United States.

  • 2005


    Cleary adds a 15,000 sq. ft. addition to the Verona World Headquarters, providing more space for an ever-growing staff.

  • Our Shamrock Service Guarantee

    Our Shamrock Service Guarantee

    Steel Wood University, developed in 2007, is an extensive training program designed to educate both new and veteran employees in the fundamentals of success at Cleary.

  • 2007


    The Shamrock Service Guarantee was developed in 2007 as a pledge to our Clients that at Cleary Building Corp., Customer Service goes beyond signing a contract and collecting a check.

  • 2008


    Cleary continues its growth throughout the United States with 78 offices.

  • 2011


    Cleary launches DreamMaker, a powerful, high-end 3D rendering software to instantly customize your building solution.

  • 2013


    Cleary is awarded the Wisconsin Family Business of the Year Award for its outstanding contributions to its community and industry, its positive links between family and business and innovative practices developed and applied.

  • 2015


    Cleary celebrates the sale of its 100,000th building in November 2015!

  • 2018


    Brendan Cleary, son of Sean Cleary, joins Cleary Building Corp., adding a third generation of the family name to the company.

  • 2021


    Cleary adds a 20,000 sq. ft. addition to create additional office and work space to the Verona World Headquarters.

  • 2023


    Cleary celebrates 45 years of business, remaining debt free and an industry leader.

map of the USA, with states highlighted that have cleary coverage

Cleary buildings can be found in the majority of states today: Arizona, Arkansas, Alabama, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin, West Virginia and Wyoming.

“We at the BMO Harris Bank have the highest regard for the Cleary Building Corp. and its management team.
A customer since 1983, Cleary Building is debt-free and enjoys a high-seven figure line of credit available.”
– Randy A. Paulson, Director, Senior Vice President – Commercial Banking

A Closer Look

Cleary Building Corp. constructs buildings for suburban, farm, commercial, residential and equine applications. We have constructed churches, stores, manufacturing plants, warehouses, grain storage buildings, bus garages, airplane hangars, houses and quality buildings with many other uses. Our pre-engineered structures are continuously the preferred building solution accepted by engineers, architects and building officials. Cleary Building Corp. is firmly committed to bringing Clients lasting quality at affordable prices. While Cleary Building Corp. continues to expand its presence across the country, we maintain a culture that ensures the personal service that our Clients deserve.

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