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Cleary Care Corner

Why Steel roofing & siding?

•Steel roofing is a more durable product with lower life-cycle costs than most other roofing systems available. The use of steel roofing reduces the amount of shingles and other roofing system materials going into our landfills. When used as a reroofing option, steel can often be installed over the original roof, saving removal and disposal costs. Steel roofing and siding is also recyclable at the end of its useful

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Why Wainscot?

If damage should occur, wainscot offers the ability to replace a 3’ sheet of steel easily and efficiently.  Typically, any damage to the steel will occur in the first 3’ of the panel.  Make sure your lawn mower is directed away from the building.  Additionally, wainscot can dress up a building for you to create your own personal building

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How do I design my building to the correct Snow Load?

•Cleary Building Corp. reviews the snow load for your area to determine the minimum design standards. Even if a building permit is not required, we want to make sure we design your building to a minimum snow load.  Cleary Building Corp goes above and beyond to review the county in your area for the minimum snow load.  If a building requires a building permit, you should verify the snow

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Why do we treat lumber?

•By impregnating fibers with a preservative, wood is eliminated as a food, therefore we can prevent biological decay.

•All wood species are composed of two systems of interwoven cells – one from the roots to the top of the tree (fiber tracheids) and the other (ray tracheids) from the branches to the bark. When the tree is alive these cells transmit water and minerals throughout the tree. When seasoned,

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