Why Steel roofing & siding?

Steel roofing is a more durable product with lower life-cycle costs than most other roofing systems available. The use of steel roofing reduces the amount of shingles and other roofing system materials going into our landfills. When used as a reroofing option, steel can often be installed over the original roof, saving removal and disposal costs. Steel roofing and siding is also recyclable at the end of its useful life.

Cleary Post Frame Buildings typically use steel trim and siding requiring little or low maintenance. When used as an interior finish on walls and ceilings steel provides a durable, low maintenance finish for commercial, industrial and agricultural applications.•Use building products made from recycled materials: Building products made from recycled materials reduce solid waste problems, cut energy consumption in manufacturing, and save on natural resource use.

Cleary Post Frame Buildings predominantly use Fabral Grand Rib III Plus steel for exterior siding and roofing materials as well as interior steel ceiling and wall liners in applicable situations. “Steel is the world’s most recycled material. In the United States alone, nearly 70 million tons of steel were recycled in 2000. Every ton of steel that is recycled saves 2500 pounds of iron ore, 1400 pounds of coal and 120 pounds of limestone. New steel made with recycled content uses as little as 26% of the amount of energy that would be required to make steel from raw materials extracted from nature.” Per Bill Croucher, P.E. Director- Engineering of Fabral/Euramax, “The steel we buy from the mills is made by the Basic Oxygen Furnace process so it has an average recycled content of 31.7% which is 20.4% Post-Consumer recycled material and 9.6% Post-Industrial.”