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Energy Miser

Energy Miser

Pole barns and pole buildings have never been so energy minded.  That’s because a Cleary Pre-Engineered Building with our Energy Miser Option, reduces heating and cooling costs on virtually any size or style of Cleary building you decide to construct.  From attractive Commercial Buildings, to versatile Suburban Buildings, to awe-inspiring Horse Barns and Horse Arenas, the Energy Miser option will benefit you for the life of your building.


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Comfort for all Seasons

Cleary Energy Miser Buildings bring you year-round comfort with unsurpassed heating and cooling capabilities. Cleary’s Energy Miser Insulation Package is one of our most popular options and can be used in any building type, style or size you choose. Whether you are working in sweltering heat or relaxing on a cold winter day, your Energy Miser Building will maintain whatever temperature you choose, regardless of mother nature.

“I went to do some work in my building in January. Living in Colorado, January days and nights can be pretty cold. I walked into my building and there were two water bottles sitting on a table that weren’t even close to being frozen! The interior of the building was so comfortable without the heat on, that I left it off while I was working. I would recommend the Energy Miser Insulation package to anyone looking for a comfortable work space.”
– Dennis Swenson – Fort Collins, Colorado


Energy Miser - Heating & Loss Comparison


What makes it an Energy Miser Building?

8 layers of protection to keep you comfortable

8 Benefits of an Energy Miser Insulation package

  1. Ridge vents to ventilate the peak
  2. Fully ventilated attic
  3. Wall Converings – Steel or your preferred wall covering can be applied to walls with the correct nailer spacing
  4. Base Trim for a finished appearance
  5. Tough continuous polyethylene vapor barrier covers all insulation to seal out moisture from the work area
  6. Over 8″ thick walls with 8′ wide uncompressed 6″ fiberglass blanket insulation between all wall posts meeting the desired R-values
  7. Vented on each side wall to help provide a ventilated attic
  8. Blown in ceiling insulation. Deep heel trusses allow for 14″ of ceiling insulation. Steel can be applied directly to the bottom of the ceiling trusses

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