ROI and Discounted Cash Flow Projection Input Sheet

This financial calculator can help you evaluate the potential cash flow and return on investment from your Cleary Building purchase.  Enter the cost of your building in the first section, along with any other initial investments required for your project.  Then enter your current marginal tax rate (combined Federal and State) along with your financing plan with interest rate.  Enter these percents without a leading decimal point.  Finally, load your projected 5-year revenues and expenses, excluding interest, depreciation and income taxes.  Then press “calculate” and the results will be displayed.

The financial projections appearing here are hypothetical in nature, and are for illustration purposes only. Their actual achievement is not guaranteed by Cleary Building Corp., its owners or its employees. These projected results are mathematically derived from the assumptions entered by the user, and do not represent actual or expected results. Actual financial results may vary significantly from these projections due to changes in the assumptions or other factors which are not considered in these projections. Complete financial projections and any associated financial advice should be obtained from a certified financial planning professional or other qualified advisor.



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