Charities & Donations

Giving Back to the Community

Cleary Building Corp. is a firm believer in helping our local communities stay strong. If it weren’t for the communities that support us, we would not be where we are today; nor would we continue to strive in the future. Cleary Building Corp. is a strong supporter of charities as well as other great causes. These charities help to keep our communities strong by giving to people in need, improving our environment, giving us a great place to live, and so much more.

At Cleary Building Corp. not only do we get involved with these great causes as a company, but our employees get involved as well. Cleary Building Corp. participates annually in the local holiday food drive, NBC 15 “Share Your Holidays”. We also donate to many other charities year-round.

The following is a list of charities and causes that receive support from Cleary Building Corp.

03Apr 14

Cleary Building Corp. sponsors Madison College Challenge

In an effort to foster and support enhanced educational and experiential learning opportunities for Madison College students, Cleary Building Corp. is proud to be a sponsor of the Madison College Challenge. From inspiring young entrepreneurs to creating new ventures, new knowledge and new jobs, Cleary Building Corp. shares in the vision that the Madison College Challenge has set forth for helping to shape a better and brighter future in the world of business.
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30Jun 13

Cleary Building Corp. donates to the 2nd Harvest Food Bank in 2013

Verona, WI - Cleary donated $636 to the 2nd Harvest Food Bank, which was generated from a food drive and their 2013 holiday party raffle. Cleary Building Corp. collected 56 lbs of dry goods, which converts to 1,956 meals for the community. Over the past eight years Cleary Building Corp and its employees have provided over 36,000 meals. A big…

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