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Thank You for 25 Years of Dedication Matt

VERONA, WI – Cleary Building Corp. is proud to celebrate the 25th anniversary of employment for Matt Lawinger, Professional Engineer at the company’s corporate office in Verona, Wisconsin. In appreciation for 25 years of service, Matt was recognized and presented with an anniversary certificate and a custom Cleary decanter. He has been employed with Cleary since 1997, and has made a valuable contribution to the success of the company over the course of his tenure. Matt began his engineering career after receiving a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville in 1997.  Cleary Building Corp. would like to thank and congratulate Matt for his loyalty and dedication for the past 25 years. Matt lives in Verona, WI.

Matt Lawinger stands between Sean Cleary and Karl Lemmenes. He holds the decanter with the certificate in front of him.Pictured above, Matt Lawinger (middle), was presented with a 25-Year anniversary certificate and a custom Cleary decanter by Sean Cleary, Cleary President (left) and Karl Lemmenes, Cleary Vice President of Engineering.

Cleary Building Corp. is a family-owned company in business since 1978! The Corporate World Headquarters and area manufacturing facility are located in Verona, WI. Additional manufacturing facilities are located in Grand Island, NE and Hazelton, ID.  Cleary Building Corp. employs over 800 full-time employees throughout the United States at 80 branch offices.

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