Cleary plays instrumental role in LEED certification for nature conservancy preserve buildings in South Dakota

LEOLA, S.D. – The Nature Conservancy has announced that its Samuel H. Ordway Jr. Memorial Prairie Preserve Headquarters and Workshop buildings, constructed by Cleary Building Corp., in Leola, S.D., have earned LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

Designed by architect Jim Widder, principal of GreenWave Energy Architecture, which is based in Madison, Wis., the buildings include a number of features that use less energy and water.

“We’ve demonstrated that post-frame structures widely used on ranches in the region can also be energy efficient and conserve water even on a limited budget,” said Widder. “We worked closely with Cleary Building Corp. and started with their Energy Star building specifications, they were instrumental in helping us achieve this energy performance and recognition.”

Overhanging roofs provide shade and their light color helps keep the interiors cool in the summer. All the windows are operable to promote natural ventilation. The building faces south to let in natural light year-round as well as passive solar radiation for heat in the winter. The buildings are also equipped with energy-efficient appliances and low-flow fixtures.
At 7,800 acres, Ordway Prairie Preserve is the Conservancy’s largest preserve in South Dakota. It is located in the Prairie Pothole Region, near Leola. With numerous wetlands and large intact grasslands, the Prairie Pothole Region supports an incredible diversity of native plants and wildlife. It is considered one of the most important areas in the Western Hemisphere for migratory birds. And it produces half of North America’s duck population annually.
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