Sean Innovator Billboard. Image reads: "Thank you, Dane Couty, for Building-Industry Innovators."


MADISON, WI – Cleary Building Corp. President, Sean Cleary, has been selected to represent the University of Wisconsin-Madison as part of a prominent upcoming statewide promotional campaign.  Sean was chosen as the Dane County business innovator to represent the university as part of its ALL WAYS FORWARD Project 72 campaign that will span across all 72 Wisconsin counties this fall.

As part of the campaign, also known as Project 72, UW-Madison will feature 72 examples (stories) – one from each county in Wisconsin – of how the people of Wisconsin have done great things that have enhanced the strength and reputation of the state’s flagship university. As part of the campaign, a two-sided digital billboard featuring Sean will be located on Hwy 12/18 East (beltline) at the Rimrock Road exit beginning the week of Aug. 28. The billboard will remain up until the week of Sept. 25. To learn more about the campaign, go to THANKYOU72.ORG.

After graduating from UW-Madison in 1985 with degrees in accounting and economics, Sean joined the family business, Cleary Building Corp.

“When I step back and think about it, I’m proud to offer opportunities and jobs — especially to those in Dane County, where our world headquarters and largest office is located,” Sean says. “Helping people to develop and grow professionally is such a cool thing to be a part of.”

Project 72, the state-wide campaign for UW-Madison, is entering its second year. The goal of Project 72 is to increase awareness of the incredible work that UW-Madison students, alumni, and friends are doing across the state. This year, they are thanking the state of Wisconsin for almost 170 years of collaboration that has enabled UW-Madison to become a word-class university. Selected stories include individual alumni, such as Sean Cleary, who have made an impact in their county, businesses supporting UW and/or its graduates, historical figures who made a lasting impact, and UW-Madison partnership programs having a positive effect on a community. Impacts could be economic stimulation, improved health or quality of life, environmental responsibility, community service/support, leadership development, agricultural innovation, research opportunities, or tourism. Project 72 will feature alumni, historical figures, discoveries, programs, businesses, community leaders, and local residents with ties to UW-Madison. The Project 72 will also demonstrate the symbiotic relationship between UW-Madison, its alumni and friends, and communities across Wisconsin.