Cleary Building Corp. Celebrates 44 Years In Business

Cleary Building Corp. is proud to celebrate our 44th anniversary on February 10th, 2022. Cleary is built upon a culture of success with a tradition of excellence since its founding in 1978.  We have sold over 121,000 buildings and maintained a debt-free standing since 1985. These are especially spectacular accomplishments as 60% of businesses today will fail within their first year. We are extremely proud of the exciting growth that we have fostered over our 44-year history.

Cleary Building Corp. World Headquarters building located in Verona, WI.

As we enter into our 45th year in business, there are many milestones to be proud of and continue to celebrate. 

  • We will continue to invest in talented people and provide market-driven products and services.
  • We continue to focus on having the highest possible customer satisfaction.
  • We will create the best infrastructure to develop and deliver the best solution and best service every time.

We are very grateful for every employee’s hard work and dedication to providing an exceptional product for our past, current, and future Clients.  This does not go unnoticed and every employee’s contribution has led us to our continued success and helped us to achieve all that we have for 44 years.

Thank you all for your hard work and commitment to Cleary Building Corp. Let us always continue to work to improve as a company and make our 45th year our most prosperous year to date!