VERNOA, WI – Employees at Cleary’s Corporate World Headquarters office in Verona, WI, recently teamed up with the Dane County Humane Society after noticing that a goose on its property was injured and needed medical care.

In late December, Cleary’s Advertising Assistant, Megan Padley, noticed that the injured goose was unable to fly and was laboring as it walked around the Cleary property.  As the winter weather started to get colder and snow began to fall, Padley conferred with fellow employees Rebecca Wicks and Dan O’Connell about getting help for the struggling bird.  Unable to move to other locations to search for food, O’Connell put out feed for the goose so it wouldn’t starve.  Wicks then contacted the Humane Society, and shortly thereafter, a representative was on site to lend a helping hand.

Five people stand outside. The two in the middle hold a certificate of recognition.
Pictured above, Cleary is presented with a certificate of recognition by the Dane County Humane Society at Cleary’s World Headquarters in Verona, WI. From left to right: Megan Padley, Cleary Advertising Assistant; Dan Bullock, Cleary CFO; Brooke Lewis, Humane Society Wildlife Specialist; Rebecca Wicks, Cleary Purchasing Specialist; and Will Anzenberger, Humane Society Director of Development and Marketing.

According the Humane Society, the goose is currently being treated for a broken wing and will be release back into nature when it is healed.  Good news – a full recovery is expected for the goose!

In light of the events, the Dane County Humane Society recently presented Cleary with a certificate of recognition for its “humane ethics” helping the Humane Society achieve its mission of “helping people help animals.”