Store Your Toys!

Create a multi-unit storage park perfect for those looking to store their cars, boats, four wheelers, snowmobiles, jet skis and other toys! Perfect for vacation destinations or close to home, you can offer a safe place to store just about anything when it isn’t in use. Cleary Building Corp.’s storage unit construction results in an affordable, low-maintenance building to match a busy lifestyle. Click on our investment calculator to figure out your return on investment!

Storage Condo Communities

Do you know someone that doesn’t know where to store their toys in the offseason and doesn’t have space at home? Are you looking for a space to protect your own toys? Now you have the solution! Invest in your own Storage Condo Community! Traditional mini storage buildings offer protection, but come in standard sizes that don’t always work for everyone. Storage Condo Communities offer individual buildings for each renter. You can decide how big (or small) each building should be and customize each unit to individual renters. No two building have to be alike! Our Storage Condo Communities offer your clients the ease of renting storage space with the privacy of having their own building. Check our investment calculator to find out how quickly you can see a return on your investment.

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