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Sports Facility

Sports Facilities

Enjoy recreation and physical fitness at your Cleary Building Corp. sports facility! While you may not think of shooting hoops or playing soccer in a pole barn, a Cleary Pre-Engineered Structure makes for an ideal, weather tight practice facility. Whether it is used by amateurs or pros, your Cleary building will improve your game by offering a place to practice and compete. With multiple building designs, you can get the facility you want at a price you can afford. Cleary can help you plan your new indoor basketball court, indoor soccer field, or other indoor sports facility.


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Multiple Building Types and Uses

  • Basketball Courts
  • Weight Rooms
  • Volleyball Courts
  • Locker Rooms
  • Hockey Rinks
  • Fitness Centers
  • Ice Arenas
  • Home Gyms
  • Indoor Soccer Fields
  • Cardio Areas
  • Dance Floors