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Cleary Building Corp. Takes Training To The Next Level With Digital Badges

Increased social media presence, tracking sales training among benefits

VERONA, WI (October 14, 2016) – Verona-based Cleary Building Corp., through a partnership with Madison College, has joined multinational companies such as IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and Salesforce in using digital badges to validate employee skills and competencies.

Digital badges demonstrate proficiencies gained through rigorous curriculum and clear learning outcomes.  The badges, which are electronic icons that can be placed on LinkedIn profiles and other social media platforms, link to details about how and when they were received.

A Cleary employee receives certificate of completion after attending Steel Wood University advanced training.
Cleary invests more than $250,000 annually to enable employees obtain specific knowledge or skills required to excel in their jobs.  Pictured above (far left) a Cleary employee receives a certificate of completion after attending the company’s Steel Wood University advanced training in Verona, WI.

The benefits to Cleary include preparing employees with competencies they need to advance within the company.  Badges also illustrate proficiencies in certain skills that are important to customers.

Kate Radionoff, dean of the School of Professional and Continuing Education at Madison College, approached Cleary with the idea of establishing competency-based standards to measure employees’ achievements and using badges to recognize and promote those achievements.

“Digital badge credentialing in professional development is one of the fastest-growing uses for this innovative educational approach,” Radionoff said.  The college issues digital badges for many of its continuing education classes, she adds.

Cleary invests more than $250,000 annually to enable employees obtain specific knowledge or skills required to excel in their jobs.  The company chose to test the badges on training courses for its new sales employees.

“As a company, Cleary encourages participation in continuing education for all employees,” said Sean Cleary, company president.  “The use of Madison College’s digital badges provides us with a proven and verified method of showcasing our educational efforts and achievements.”

During the test period Madison College issued 155 badges to Cleary employees who completed the sales training and demonstrated the competencies needed to fulfill the requirements prescribed within the program.  Of those credentials, 81 were shared via social media within the first year of completion.

“Badges show the expertise and qualifications sales team members to meet the needs of customers,” Radionoff said.  “In addition, they increase the social media presence of the company.”


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