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Custom financing to fit your needs. Whether you have your own business or you would like to use a home equity loan, we have a variety of financing options for you. Also, Cleary is accepting Credit Cards (Visa or MasterCard) as a financing option.

FHA Title I Home Improvement Loan program provided by Admirals Bank

Financing requires no equity in your home, FHA insured, no appraisals, interest is tax deductible to the customer, and no pre-payment penalty. They have been offering this financing for 30 years and they are the only national lender for Title-One Home Improvement Loans. Call

(for the best rates, mention Cleary Building Corp.) Michael S. Almeida | Account Executive | Admirals Bank | tel 800.572.7844 ext. 7302

Credit Cards

Cleary Building Corp. is pleased to announce an alternative financing option for our prospective clients.  Cleary Building Corp offers a credit card payment option of MasterCard, Visa, or Discover card.  This must be discussed prior to the contract being signed with the prospective Client.  A credit card payment cannot be added after the contract is signed.  Discuss the cash price or regular price with the Client to determine the contract amount for the project.  Please contact a Building Sales Specialist today to discuss the details of this procedure. 

Your Full Service Provider! Call Today – 1-800-373-5550 or for more information contact a Cleary Building Sales Specialist